Create your dream bedroom with interior stylist Michelle Halford

Interior Stylist, Michelle Halford, is the inspiring woman behind the blog The Design Chaser and is known for her focus on Scandinavian interiors and design. We visited Michelle in her beautiful Auckland based home to chat about how to create a dreamy bedroom, how she unwinds and of course her PJ preferences!
What effect do you think the design of a bedroom has on our ability to have a good night's sleep?
A well thought out bedroom design will make a huge difference to the feeling of the space, and most certainly contribute to a good night’s sleep. I see the bedroom as a personal sanctuary, a place to escape to at the end of the day. For me, it’s important that the bedroom is uncluttered and calming, that there is adequate reading light, beautiful textiles, and that everything I need is at reach on my bedside. 

Create your dream bedroom bedroom
What are your favourite design elements to incorporate into a bedroom? Do you have a preferred colour palette?
The colour palette is always a great starting point when selecting paint, curtains, bedding, artworks and other accents. To create a peaceful retreat I like to choose neutral hues and layer textile elements such as an upholstered bedhead and soft linen bedding to create tactility, comfort and a sense of calm. 
Functional bedside tables are a key furniture element and a great way of introducing natural materials such as warm wood. Good lighting is also essential for creating both ambience and adequate light for reading. Statement lamps are also one of my favourite ways to inject visual interest. 
To finish a space, I love adding personal touches and sensory objects such as a special piece of art, scented candles, foliage, and sculptural ceramics. 
Do you have a bedtime ritual?
No matter how tired I am, I never forget my nightly skincare routine. I stretch every night before bed and once in bed I always read. Even if I only get through a few pages before I nod off, which is often the way! 
What do you wear to bed?
Short PJ’s in summer and long PJ’s in winter. Feel and comfort are everything, which is why I love Papinelle so much. The silk and cotton PJ’s feel incredibly soft against the skin and the style and fit is perfect. 
Create your dream bedroom
What is on your bedside table?
My favourite lamp by Italian brand Lumina, books and a scented candle. There is also a sculptural ceramic vase with a touch of natural greenery – I always like to bring a bit of nature inside.    
What are some nighttime items you cannot live without?
Good lighting, my kindle, books and glasses, comfy PJ’s and beautiful bedding. 
How do you engage in self-care?
I love running in nature. It helps clear my head, boost endorphins and sets me up for a great day. I stretch at least twice a day – a lifelong habit from years of dancing and the need to nurture old back injuries – and I try to incorporate some meditation from time to time. 
Getting enough sleep is so important, as is spending time with friends and family. I love my twice-daily skincare routine and facial massages and I find reading to be a great escape. I always have at least two books on the go.
If you could choose a song to fall asleep to every night, what would it be?
I can’t help singing along to lyrics (mostly in my head) so definitely something instrumental. Albatross by Fleetwood Mac springs to mind. It has a personal sense of nostalgia and a nice sleepy vibe.

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